Please read your classmate’s essay draft carefully and then answer the 3 questions; each question will ask you whether the essay draft is “competent” or “not yet competent” in each area. You can then give a brief comment explaining your response further. You are also welcome to give an overall comment at the end of the form.

#1 Did the author provide a competent thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph that both answers the research question and effectively represents the main point of the essay as a whole? competent or not yet competent.
#2 Did the author make it abundantly clear which information in the essay comes from sources through the use of signal phrases, page numbers, and quotation marks when appropriate? competent or not yet competent.
#3 Did the author organize each paragraph to be focused on one main topic, indicating the main topic in the first sentence of each paragraph? (If any paragraphs would benefit from revised organization, please indicate the paragraph number below.) competent or not yet competent
#4. overall Feedback for the author ( need to be kindly)

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