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Writing Requirement of the Term Paper: Your grade in the Term Paper will depend on the complete, accurate and appropriate use of the following information. Please also refer to the grading scheme for further details on grading. • Introduction, justification, relevance, and objective of the paper • Gathering and presenting relevant information in a logical and consistent manner • Ample supports through peer-reviewed publications of all claims and statements you make through authentic and published resources [At least five peer-reviewed citations. All citations are to be automatic using MS-Word citation form, APA style] • Extrapolation, interpretation, and discussion of your problem to derive conclusion • Written presentation of the outline and the final paper, and oral defense o Technical content and clarity of presentation o Presentation format: title page, abstract / executive summary, introduction, body of the paper (preferably divided into several sections (and subsections) depending on the subject matter)), conclusion, references (or bibliography), and appendices (if any). Detailed instructions to follow. o Readability, spelling, grammar, indentation, citation, etc. • Timeliness of submission – applicable to outline and final paper • Format of the paper o Title page – keep a separate page (see the sample page in appendix A) o Abstract/Executive Summary – Start on top of the second page, single space, preferably keep within one paragraph (a maximum of two paragraphs is ok), indent from both sides by half an inch (1.27cm) from the margin of the text, italicize. Keep within a page. Note: An Abstract is placed first but written at last. o Introduction – Begin Introduction from the top of the third page. o Body – Continue after Introduction [no need to be at the top of a new page]. Use appropriate headings, may divide into different sections or sub-sections as you deem appropriate according to your topic. o Conclusion – Begin Conclusion section after the Body section [no need to be at the top of a page]. A conclusion can be one paragraph to a few paragraphs. o Bibliography – Begin Bibliography after Conclusion. You should have at least five authentic and peer-reviewed academic references in your paper. Your references must be autogenerated through MS-Word. The citation style must be APA (American Psychological Association). o Type-setting – Use single space, 12-point Times Roman font throughout the paper. Leave one inch [2.54 cm] margin on each side. Every heading should have 18-point space before and 12-point space after. Each paragraph should have first-line indentation of 0.5 inch and each subsequent paragraph should have 6-point space before. The Bibliography should have hanging indentation of 0.5 inch and with a 6-point space before each citation. All texts are to be single-spaced throughout the paper. o Appendix [If you have any supporting material you would like to add, you can add that as Appendix. There is no requirement, nor it has any size or formatting limit] • Length: Ordinarily between 7 to 10 pages from Abstract to Bibliography [excluding Title page and Appendix]. However, there will be no penalty for a paper with slightly shorter or longer in length if that is appropriate for the topic and the question addressed. The weight is more on the brevity of presentation. Do not leave only a heading at the bottom of a page. Your paper should have a professional appearance in all aspects. • Grammar and spelling: Read, re-read, edit, and re-edit your paper. Your grade will be affected if there is any spelling or grammatical mistake.

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