Electronic cigarettes literature review

Please research what electronic cigarettes specifically Juul before starting the paper.
The instructions are saved as “HSA 402 Final project online spring 2020”
I need to write a literate review on “Why e-cigarettes like Juul are so trendy among college students.” focusing on the Bronx mostly. READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT’S VERY DETAILED.

You should use the FIRST PERSON tone.
Also, this paper is based on how you WOULD conduct the study if given the opportunity. Including methods.

Also, I need a logic model. Build a logic model indicating the inputs, research activities, and anticipated outputs as indicated in the template shared in class. This section may take 1 page
The template for the logic model ( I downloaded it from google.) It is called “LM_WorksheetTableformat.doc” and I need that table on the final paper you can copy and paste it to the paper. FILL OUT THE LOGIC MODEL.

Please use current references, and it should be recent, within the past 5 years.

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