Do you think the “core” of personality is or is not formed in our very early years (by the age of 5-6)? Why/Why not?

Psychology Questions

Answer 3 different questions in at least 10-12 sentences for each post.

1. Double Standard (9)

The Evolutionary Psychology perspective has generated a good deal of controversy with its approach to gender differences in mate selection and jealousy (see Chapter 9). According to this perspective, there are biological and evolutionary reasons for the traditional “double standard” applied to male and female sexuality (the “double standard” being that it’s “okay, normal, expected, even admired” for men to “sow their wild oats,” whereas it’s a sign of “promiscuity, being a slut, or immoral” for women to show the very same kinds of behavior).

What do you think of the Evolutionary Psychology theory and research that deals with this issue? Can you think of other, alternative, explanations for the observed gender differences? If there is any truth to the Evolutionary Psychology perspective, what implications do you think it has for male/female relations?

2. Analyzing a Famous person (10)

Please conduct a “Freudian” analysis of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Based on what was discussed in Chapter 10, what do you think Freud would have thought of MJ?? Pick one of Freud’s psychosexual stages and discuss how MJ’s personality could be attributed to things that happened (or might have happened) during that stage.

3. Personality Core (12)

According to Freud’s theory of personality development, the “core” of who we are is set by the time we are 5 or 6 years of age. Erikson’s theory of development proposes that personality continues to develop throughout our lives. These theories are not necessarily in opposition. It could be that certain “core” aspects of personality are indeed formed early in life whereas other aspects of our personality change in later life. Based on your own experiences and observations, as well as the theory and research discussed in Chapters 10 and 11, do you think the “core” of personality is or is not formed in our very early years (by the age of 5-6)? Why/Why not?

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