Do you see any weaknesses in their arguments

Compare Marx to either Heidegger or Baudrillard. How does each discuss the impact of technology in society? How are they similar, how are they different? Which one is more persuasive, or do you think they complement each other?

Study Guide for the final assignment: a comparison of Marx and Heidegger on the question of technology and the ways in which technology affects society.

Here are key terms for Marx:

Alienation: four aspects of alienated labor:

1. Alienation from the product

2. Alienation from the activity of work

3. Alienation from other people at work

4. Alienation from Species Being

Realm of necessity and realm of freedom, labor theory of value, surplus value, necessary labor time, surplus labor time, wage contract, overproduction, scarcity.

Here are some key terms for Heidegger:




Standing Reserve


Art as saving power

At the beginning of your essay have one section that is a brief summary of Marx’s argument, then a brief section on Heidegger’s argument. Discuss the positions of each thinker separately at first.

Secondly, compare the two. How are they similar and how are they different? For instance, you can compare Marx’s concept of alienation to Heidegger’s concept of standing reserve. Also, you can compare what Marx says about the realm of freedom (art) to what Heidegger says about art as a saving power.

Then, what is your opinion? Do you find one theorist/author more persuasive than the other? Do you think that they complement each other, or do you think that their arguments contradict each other? Do you think that they have something important to contribute to how we should understand the impact of technology on society? Do you see any weaknesses in their arguments

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