Do you feel that Tomas is acting in a professional manner?

DQ 1

At the end of the current month, Tomas Lott prepared a trial balance for AAA Rescue Service. The credit side of the trial balance exceeds the debit side by a significant amount. Tomas has decided to add the difference to the balance of the miscellaneous expense account in order to complete the preparation of the current month’s financial statements by a 5:00 PM deadline. Tomas will look for the difference next week when he has more time.

Do you feel that Tomas is acting in a professional manner? Who is impacted by Tomas’s decision to “plug” the numbers in order to get his statements to balance? If you were in Tomas’s position, how would you have handled this situation?

DQ 2

The increasing complexity of the current business and regulatory environment has created an increased demand for accountants who can analyze business transactions and interpret their effects on the financial statements. In addition, a basic ability to analyze the effects of transactions is necessary to be successful in all fields of business as well as in other disciplines, such as law. To better understand the importance of accounting in today’s environment, search the Internet or your local newspaper for job opportunities.

Find at least one accounting and one non-accounting job ad (total of two ads). Summarize your findings in your post and explain why you feel that accounting is necessary in your program and career choice.

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