Discuss the importance of coding.

Discussion Topic:

Answer the following questions:

Discuss the importance of coding and some key points about coding within flexible designs presented in this week’s module.

Provide an example of a study that would benefit.

Consider a study you are interested in conducting. First, identify a mixed methods design.
Then, what methods would you use in both the fixed and flexible formats?

What statistics might be needed and why?

If using a mixed methods design, how could you incorporate a Christian worldview and also the Merida et al. text? Please explain.

Textbook Readings
Merida et al.: Fast and Furious, Is There Hope for the Rebellious?, Ruin and Restoration

Robson:  chapter 8 (p. 174-186), Part IV (p. 395-402), Part V (p. 403-408)

Bible Readings
2 Kings 9:1 – 20:21

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