Digital marketing report

Company choose: Nike

Using the DEMO DATA (pretending this is the data of your dream client) and GOOGLE DATA STUDIO, create a report of data for an entire month.

In other words, if it is your dream to work for Disnayland, model the report as if you’re looking at web stats for the park and/or hotels. If your dream is to work for Marvel, model the report as if you’re looking at web stats for movies. If your dream is to work for an apparel company, model the report as if you’re looking at web stats for different shoes or tops or sunglasses.

It is YOUR CHOICE what data to pull. Possible topics could be demographics, popular pages, sources, devices used, etc.

Have every page consistent with a logo and page description at the top (10 points).
Charts to include are:
Scorecards (10 points)
Time series (line) (10 points)
Bar chart (10 points)
Pie chart (10 points)
Pie chart MODIFIED (donut) (10 points)
Table (10 points)
Geo map (10 points)
Pivot table (heat map) (10 points)
“Filter” so the user can control date-range (10 points)
Import your own datasheet. This can be a monthly sales sheet, email data export, monthly donations, etc. (10 points)
if you do not have data from a business, make one up for a month, at least 50 lines…therefore some days will have more than one entry.
Stylize your report (10 points)
Include chart headers (10 points)
“Share” so others can view (10 points)
Export to PDF (10 points)
Write up an analysis (25 points)
show month-over-month change (the red down and green up arrows) (15 points)
add an extra filter (10 points)
add social media data (10 points)
add a community visualization (15 points)

The design of the report is 100% up to you. There are some template examples in Week 6 Extra Reading Material.
For the written analysis, focus on what the data tells you. Are sales up? Are views down? Are you getting more or fewer hits from social media than expected? Are sales coming from a channel that gets the most hits or the least amount of hits? Are mobile trends what you expect? Are regional trends what you expect? Keep in mind, this is for your dream company, so apply what you know about the company.
Why a share link? Viewing the data inside of Google Data Studio provides an interactive way to see the data, and therefore is the best way to present it. A client or co-worker may want to be able to see and interact with the data without the risk of making changes to it.
Why a PDF? There are often (too often) managers who will refuse to view the data in its interactive form, or who insist they’re too busy for an interactive meeting and will request a PDF. So I want to make sure you can deliver both methods.

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