Digital Information Systems: a Management Perspective

The basic report will consist of the following items: 1. The selected company:

i) A description of the selected company, the nature of its business and its industry;

ii) A critical analysis of the current business model of the selected company;

2. The selected information technology:

i) A description of one emerging and potentially disruptive technology that can be of future significant to the selected company;

3. Discussion and recommendation:

i) A critical analysis of the potential areas of application in the business, the strategic

value of the technology and the corresponding business model evolvement;

ii) A discussion of the likely cost and limitation of the selected technology to the business;

iii) A recommendation justifying the emerging technology that the company should

ultimately invest in;

4. Chosen Technology & Case Company

i) ii)


Make sure that the chosen technology is emerging and could have a significant impact on businesses;
Make sure that the report discusses how the case company can adopt the chosen technology in its operations (e.g., to provide new and/or better services/products to its consumers). The report should NOT discuss how the case company designs, produces or supplies the technology to others;

If the chosen case company is a large conglomerate (e.g., Tesco, GE, TATA, Amazon, Alphabet) that is operating in many different industries, make sure that the report focuses on one element of the business and sets a clear boundary for in the beginning. For instance, if the report seeks to discuss the use of drones for Amazon’s delivery service, some of Amazon’s businesses (e.g., AWS) do not need to be included in the report.

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