Did you spot the deliberate mistake?

France Vacances is obviously a company going places, and the owners have some ideas about how to expand their business. They also have a view about the timing of the introduction of the new system and the capabilities of their in-house team. France Vacances will be a demanding client. To begin with, you will have to decide some very specific things about France Vacances. Who is the customer? Is it Massenet? He is the director responsible for finance and administration. Is it Mary Appleby? She is the administration manager and the IT section reports to her. Is it Martin? The new system is for sales and bookings and he is responsible for sales. Will the new system change his areas of responsibility?

nued There are some other people involved too. Peter Clay, the IT manager, may see a different future in France Vacances when the new system is up and running. Will the IT function become more important? Also, what about Richard Thornton; what are the implications for him of people booking online? Perhaps all of these people can become what Kotter (see Chapter 20) would call the ‘guiding coalition’ to ensure that the proposed changes do get implemented. To a large extent, these issues have been addressed by setting up the PRINCE2®-style project board (see Chapter 4) but the tensions that will inevitably result from a project such as this will cause friction among the various stakeholders that E-Con must manage if it is to deliver successfully. Think about the expectations that each person may have from the new system. Look through section 18.3 again and, for each of the main stakeholders, identify their possible expectations. Without actually meeting the people involved you cannot identify their expectations, but it is possible to begin to see what might lie behind the decision to implement a web-based booking system. Did you spot the deliberate mistake? Which important customers have been ignored? – It is the high street travel agents and the paying customers who book the holidays. How will their expectations be managed?

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