Designing an Enterprise Information Infrastructure


Case Study: Problem 3 The case study company received a detailed report from the ECM consultant with a detailed list of data requirements, tools, and processes that are currently used to manage this data. The chief executive officer (CEO) and chief information officer (CIO) are shocked to see how poorly their data are currently managed, and they are quite receptive to seeing plans for improvement. Armed with this information, the enterprise content management (ECM) consultant feels it is time to start designing an improved information infrastructure complete with new tools and processes for content management. The content management processes will be designed first, and then the consultant will work with the CIO and information technology (IT) manager to design the infrastructure that will support these new content management processes. Given detailed data requirements and information about current tools and processes, how can an improved design be created and what should it include? Assignment The next step in the creation of an enterprise content management manual are to examine the current content management, determine the strengths and weaknesses, and define improvements. For this assignment, you will examine the existing content management documented in the previous project, and you will document the improvements that will result in a better system. The following are the project deliverables: Update the Enterprise Content Management and Data Governance Policies and Procedures Manual title page with a new date and project name. Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback. Information Infrastructure Improvements Content Management Process Improvement List the strengths and weaknesses for each process documented in the Content Infrastructure Evaluation section of the manual. Document improvements for each process. The result of this step will be documentation of the new content management processes. Content Management Tools Improvement Document the improvements to the tools used to support the new content management processes. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission. Name the document “yourname_IT621_IP3.doc.”

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