Describe the (Turmeric) herbal therapies/complementary use.

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Topic: Alternative/Complementary Therapies

Details: The topic of our forum this week two will be alternative/complementary therapies. This will include probiotics, supplements, herbal medicines, and other alternative therapies for the older adult. It would be preferable to present a discussion of a topic that you are familiar with in your culture. You will be doing some research on the topic and will present it similarly to the way in which your textbook presents herbs. Try to select an herb that is not already discussed in your textbook, such as one of the herbs tested in the ATI pharmacology book. Try to make sure your discussion forum applies to the older adult.

You will be posting your information on research and use of this herbal or other complementary therapy on our discussion forum. I do want the other class members to respond to the postings to let us know their thoughts on the use of this herb, if they think it will work well or if they know of its use.
Questions to answer about (Turmeric):
1) Description of the (Turmeric) herbal therapies/complementary use.
2) How does it effect the elderly when they take it?
3) Adverse effects and precautions if any?
4) Interactions if any?
5) Nursing administration and teaching?

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