Define functional ambulation.

1.ALDI has been used as an example to demonstrate the different kinds of integration. Think about ALDI's communication across time. Then start a list with two columns. In one column write what has been done well. In the second, write what you would do if the agency, BMF, offered you a job on the ALDI's account. 2. The notion of ‘fit’ is often used in research into cross-media campaigns. What do you think ‘fit’ means? How is it different from tactical integration?


Give three examples of adaptations that may be helpful for the person with low vision.

Define functional ambulation. List three ADLs or IADLs in which functional ambulation may occur.

Discuss the following special topic on Engineering Management.    1. Corporate Transformational Changes.      2.  Factors affecting one’s influence on people.       3. Motivation of Mission -Critical People. 4.The Pareto Principle.

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