Decision-making approaches

Question One:
The choices we make as consumers all have some kind of consequence, and some will say that when making a decision we are actually choosing between consequences or outcomes. As such outcomes differ in their level of importance, not all consumer decision-making situations require the same degree of information search.
A)Define extensive problem-solving, limited problem-solving and routinised response behaviour. What are the differences among the three decision-making approaches? Illustrate your answer with practical examples.
B)What type of decision process would you expect most consumers to follow in their purchase of the following products: (1) men’s aftershave, (2) a mobile phone, and (3) a luxury car? Explain your answers.
Question Two:
Some of the decisions that marketers must make in designing the message include the use of resonance, positive or negative message framing, one-sided or two-sided messages, comparative advertising and the order presentation. Explain each of the stated concepts and illustrate your answer with practical examples.

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