De Leon Reading Quiz – Mexican American History

Answer the following short-answer essay questions based on the De Leon Reading
. Your answers should be in paragraph form and provide a thorough response to the questions using evidence from the reading in support.







1. How does Arnoldo De Leon characterize the pre-Texas Revolution society among Tejanos? In what ways was this society already stratified?




2. According to De Leon, the Anglo-Texan victory over the Mexican army marked a major institutional change for Tejanos. How was this the case? What role did the backgrounds of these immigrants play in shaping attitudes towards Hispanics?



3. What happened to Tejanos immediately after the war? How did Anglos treat them? What actions were taken by Anglo settlers against Tejanos in the region?



4. How does De Leon characterize the relationship between Anglos and Tejanos along the southern border? What impact did the rise of the Portfiriato have on the relations between Anglos and Tejanos in the South?


5. Does De Leon see any differences in Anglo-Tejano relations in West Texas? Why or why not? What is De Leon’s conclusion regarding this topic?

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