Critical Reviewing Article

You need to post a comment that uses at least 2 article-specific pieces of information.

After reading the article, choose 2 claims, pieces of evidence, passages, or points that the author raises and comment on them in a critical manner. Each claim needs to be developed in a separate paragraph.

Your post will therefore be at least 2 paragraphs

You will have to read the text and demonstrate your critical thinking in relation to it.

Being curious
Asking “Why?”
Data-driven, empiricism
Cartesian common sense
Considering the information or evidence with an open-mind
Not taking claims for granted
Looking for patterns
Interprets the meaning or significance of the information, study, claims, etc.
Making connections—go beyond your immediate experience
Analysis – thinking about why something matters
Unpacking assumptions and implications
Challenging assumptions, the experiment/argument or conclusions where one deems necessary

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