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Module 1 Creative Application Creative Application: Utilize the INFORMS CAP domains to analyze a business practice. Instructions: Read through the resources below. Identify a small, but repeated, business process that an organization might utilize. Isolate what decisions are made in that process, and note where they are being made. Isolate a question about the efficiency of the process model (is the model doing what it is supposed to be doing?). Build a model of the process, integrating areas that may need to be questioned and improved, to make better quality decisions through the organizational process. Submit the process analysis. Assignment Resources: Article: “Towards semantically-aided domain specific business process modeling” (Data Technologies and Applications) Web article: “Process Models” References: Lagos, N., Mos, A., & Cortes-cornax, M. (2018). Towards semantically-aided domain specific business process modeling. Data Technologies and Applications, 52(4), 463-481. doi: McDonald, K. (2018, August 31). How to build shared understanding with a process model.

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