Create the E-R diagram (E-R Model)

Assignment: Develop E-R Diagram for the Entire System and Describe the System’s Environment



Week 4 activities mentioned below; be sure to fill in any and all gaps that may have been identified during previous weeks.
1. Create the E-R diagram (E-R Model)
2. Describe the technology architecture and deployment environment for the application
3. Design the security control assessment matrix to identify the risk and risk-reduction techniques to secure the system.
Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio or their equivalents such as ER-Assistant, Erwin, OpenOffice, Dia, and ArgoUML or any other Open Source application are required to complete the assignments.
• OpenOffice :
• ArgoUML:

Support your paper with at least 3 scholarly resources or white papers not older than 2015 related to Week 4 activities; but overall, you should have at least 12 scholarly resources or white papers not older than 2015
Be specific when responding to above activities questions. You are writing a real-world technical report. You are not writing an academic essay. Do not mention theoretical or conceptual information that does not directly relate to your specific project plan.
Your report should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.
Your response should reflect scholarly writing or tech

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