Create RFP evaluation rating matrix.

When putting out an RFP and evaluating supplier responses a rating matrix is used to tabulate scores. A base criterion is identified and used to ensure the company core competencies are at minimum maintained or enhanced.
Scenario: You are the Purchasing Manager at a Protein Powder producing company. Your Company just completed your 25-year anniversary and are in the top 3 recognized Protein Powder producers across Canada.
Due to your company success and retail growth (plus on-line ecommerce growth) you are unable to keep up with now 24/7 delivery needs and have decided to outsource your deliveries. By outsourcing deliveries this will allow more time for your company staff team to focus on their leading products and their development.
You have narrowed to 3 vendors who have submitted their quotes and services and are ready for further evaluation:
One is “Purolator” (5,000 plus vehicles across Canada in business 55 years (owned by Canada Post).
Second is a private business called “Reliable Delivery Broker Services” in business 2 years with access to multiple delivery vehicles and has software to match vehicles to needs on an added per fee basis.
Third is a family-owned business “Jim & Sally’s On-Line Delivery Service”, 6 months in business and ready to invest in vehicles and if they have a signed contract from you which they would use to support requirements for adding additional capital with and from Bank negotiations.
Question 1 (8 marks) Create RFP evaluation rating matrix, identify 6 key evaluation criteria you will require and provide a % value rating for each of 6 criteria.
Question 2 (4 marks) Using your 6 criteria rate the above 3 vendors (your totals) which will support your ultimate decision (all based on your 6 criteria).
Question 3 (3 marks) Who would you select? Briefly Why?

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