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This assignment has as main purpose to give you the understanding of what an algorithm means, and a real life application can be built by providing the right instructions. Here you have the opportunity to create an algorithm that performs one of your daily tasks. You will think of what actions you are taking to fulfill that particular task, and you should create the steps that a “clone” of you should take to perform the task like you do.


Imagine that you want to create a robot that does what you do daily. Choose a simple task, such as your preparation to go to bed at night, the morning routine, brushing teeth, walking your dog, etc. Create an algorithm to describe the prime steps to complete the task that would guide the robot to fulfill the job.

  1. Consider a task that can be modeled through a reasonable number of steps, which is at your choice.
  2. The algorithm should include decision items when the normal conditions of executing the task are not met. For example, if you model the routine of brushing your teeth, state what happens if you run out of toothpaste, if the water is cold, and so on.
  3. Consider including repetition items. For example, while brushing teeth, you brush ten times on each side of the mouth – you can model the repetition with a loop that counts the number of brush strokes.
  4. Include at least one decision and one loop in the algorithm

To create an algorithm, you may draw a structured flowchart or write pseudocode that describes all the steps in a Word document. If you choose to draw a flowchart, you may use a web tool, (Links to an external site.), with which you can easily create a flowchart and export it as a PDF document. Here is an example structured flowchart [PDF] for your reference.

Your initial response should include the following:

  • An attachment – Attach the algorithm (.pdf, .docx, or .doc) to the post.
  • A description of the task – Type directly in the body of your post a description of the task and your considerations related to the process of creating the algorithm.
  • A conclusion – Include a conclusion in the body of your post. Based on the effort made to describe one task from your daily activity, write a statement that evaluates the effort of writing an algorithm that would guide a robot executing all the routine activities that you do daily.
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