Court (state or federal) for the hearing of a particular case.

Discussion Post – Part 1 and Part 2

“The Jurisdiction of the Courts” Please respond to the following:
Part 1: From the e-Activity (in attachment), propose at least three (3) rules that you would use in order to choose the more appropriate court (state or federal) for the hearing of a particular case. Discuss the reasoning for your choice of jurisdiction of the court in each case. Provide two (2) examples of jurisdiction choice to support your rationale.

Describe the manner in which presiding judges use the principle of judicial self-restraint within their U.S. courtroom procedures. Provide two (2) examples where judicial self-restraint is in use to support your rationale.
Part 2: Respond to the post of a peer

Post of a peer (below):

Hi,Class and Prof

Three rules that I might use are

1.Geographic Location

2.The difference within the statutes of limitations

3. sorts of judges and juries

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