Contract LAW

What is being offered by the person/organization that prepared the contract? (1 pts)
What person or organization is offering to make a contract? (1 pts)
Who or what organization would commonly accept the contract being offered? (1 pts)
How is acceptance of the contract executed (i.e., what must the person accepting the contract do to indicate that they would like to enter into the contract)? (1 pts)
When accepting the contract, what must be given at the time of acceptance to the person/organization that is making the offer? (1 pts)
What payments are made as part of the contract, and how are the payments made? (1 pts)
What are the consequences for early termination? (1 points)
What is included in the special provisions? (1 pts)
Referring the elements of a contract (meeting of the minds), how would you describe this type of contract? (1 pts)
How would you change the contract to better balance the risk for both parties? Give specific examples on what to change and how you would change them

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