Conduct an audit of the different digital media channels and strategies deployed in promoting the brand.3

FIRST ASSESSMENT DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYSISDeadline: 4 April 2019, Friday, 11.59 pmValue: 40%Word count: 2,000 wordsFormat: ReportTask: Conduct a research and investigate how a particular brand utilises digital marketing in order to generate profit in a competitive market. In producing the report, you need to address the following sections:1. Brand overview. Provide a brief background about the brand – what is it, what company promotes it, and so forth.2. Audit of digital media channels. Conduct an audit of the different digital media channels and strategies deployed in promoting the brand.3. Brand voice. Identity how the brand is presented through diverse forms of digital media content – audio, hashtags, visuals, videos, and so forth.4. Consumer persona. Determine the characteristics of the target market – demographics, psychographics, behaviours, and so forth.5. Engagement. Investigate how the target consumers engage with the brand through digital media platforms. Map out the practices and sentiments of the target consumer.6. SWOT analysis.Strength. Reflect on what could be the best practices of the brand’s strategies in utilising digital media platforms to communicate, promote and sell the brand.Weaknesses. Unpack the possible weaknesses of the strategies deployed the company in deploying digital media in entrepreneurial practices.Opportunities. Uncover the opportunities that may arise from strategic approaches.Threats. Locate potential threats that may undermine the strategies in promoting the brand through digital marketing.7. Recommendations. By building on your findings and analysis, provide recommendations in amplifying the promotion and saleability of the brand in a competitive market. Critically reflect on the effectiveness and weaknesses of the digital marketing strategy employed by a brand. POINTERS:  Use Harvard Referencing Style.  A minimum of 8 scholarly resources and 2 non-scholarly resources.  Do not plagiarise!  Use a report formatting. You should use Headings and Subheadings. If you’re not sure how to write a report, check this link:  Paraphrase carefully. You must not use more than 10% of the word count for direct quotes.  Please follow the format of the report below: FORMAT 1. Title Page. This includes the unit title, the name of your case study, your name, student number, and date of submission. 2. Table of contents. This details the sections of the report. 3. Executive summary. This presents the key points of the report. Have a look at this link to know more: 4. Body of the report. 4.1 Brand overview 4.2 Audit of digital media channels 4.3 Brand voice 4.4 Consumer persona 4.5 Engagement 4.6 SWOT analysis 5. Recommendations 6. Reference

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