Comparing readings


READ THE TWO READINGS AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW: READING 1: READING 2: Attached in files as a word document Throughout the semester, we have learned about the persuasive techniques and how they are employed to make a persuasive argument. This thread asks you to compare how both authors established their credibility in articles that discuss unethical behaviour and personal integrity. You can answer any or all of the questions below: How do Lakshmi Gandhi and Stephen L. Carter begin their articles? Do they take any measured steps to establish themselves as credible and trustworthy authors? What examples do the authors use to support their key points? Do they both use supporting evidence effectively? Consider the conclusions and whether or not they leave a lasting impression on you as the reader. Why do you think “Stanley did not dispute the charges” at the end of the Gandhi reading? What does Carter mean when he writes that honesty is an excuse often used to avoid “doing what integrity commands”? Ultimately, which author do you find more persuasive and trustworthy, and why?

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