Compare and contrast the various models/ideas

Impact of New Technologies
Please understand the requirements

Instruction for the compare contrast paper assignment

Compare and contrast the various models/ideas developed in this course and how they relate to the issue of the impact of new technologies. Use ALL the required readings, class discussion, and—the YouTube videos as the basis of your discussion (7-8 pages double spaced).

(This paper is centered around the models discussed and presented in class and the readings.The paper should focus on using the theoretical frames likeChristensen, Beniger, Carr, Utterbeck, Moore’s Law , etc. to see how well they help to explain the rise/fall/current situation of a particular technology. For exampleuse the Christensen, Beniger and Carr models to talk about Microsoft, Google, Uber– as to which models work and others do not.. Use ALL the readings used in this course so far to help frame your argument. Do the models reasonably explain i.e. Microsoft’s, Google’s, Uber’s, etc. rise to their current position?Do the models help predict what is likely to happen to?Is one model better than the other?Why? You may or may not use an example to compare and contrast the theories–but if you choose to use examples–use many –not one.

I also attached an example how the paper is going to be like.

Have you seen the example that I attached? I want you to do as the example please.

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