Community Engagement South Florida


Paper Revolves around South Florida You will pick one theme or topic from the course. Examples of a theme or topic might be Immigration, Environmental Issues, Political Scandal, or Racism. I suggest Environmental Issues but any would work. Once you have settled on which topic or theme interests you, you will then select a local component (something with a South Florida connection) such as a location, a person, or a piece of art. Examples might be Vizcaya, Krome Detention Center, David Fairchild, or the Wynwood Walls. You must demonstrate how your local component illustrates the larger theme or topic you selected from the course content. Must Have: Describe the course theme or topic you have selected and indicate why this topic is significant Describe the local component related to South Florida you selected. Explain how your selected local component illustrates the larger theme or topic of the course you selected. The paper should be at least 300 words in length. 400 Max.

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