Please read the following to prepare you for completing the activity Bovée, C. L., & Thill, J. V. (2018). Business communication today (14th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. Chapter 11: Writing Negative Messages Chapter 12: Writing Persuasive Messages Donnelly, T. (2011, January 14). How to deliver bad news to employees. (Links to an external site.) Goodman, N. (2012, November 6). How to break bad news to clients. (Links to an external site.) Entrepreneur. In this graded activity, you will craft a specific negative business communication message, along with a persuasive message from the recipient that is written in response to the negative message. This assignment has two parts that should be included in a single Word document submission. Part 1: Read the scenario below. Your name is Robert Simpson, and you are the owner of PolicyPlan insurance. Write an email to Jason Allred, owner of Midwest Sparkleen, informing him that PolicyPlan will not renew its annual cleaning contract with Midwest Sparkleen when the current contract expires at the end of this month. You will need to decide whether to take a direct or indirect approach. Cite the examples and reasons identified in the scenario as evidence for your decision, and keep the tone professional. Scenario 1 Your company, PolicyPlan Insurance Services, is a 120-employee insurance claims processor based in Milwaukee. PolicyPlan has engaged Midwest Sparkleen for interior and exterior cleaning for the past five years. Midwest Sparkleen did exemplary work for the first four years, but after some organizational changes last year, the level of service has plummeted. Offices are no longer cleaned thoroughly. You’ve had to call the company at least six times to remind them to take care of spills and other messes that they’re supposed to address routinely, and they’ve left toxic cleaning chemicals in a public hallway on several occasions. You had spoken briefly with the owner about your concerns three months ago, but his assurances that service would improve have not resulted in any noticeable changes. When the evening cleaning crew forgot to lock the lobby door last Thursday – leaving your entire facility vulnerable to theft from midnight until 8 a.m. Friday morning – you decided it was time for a change. Part 2: For Part 2 of the scenario, you are Jason Allred, owner of Midwest Sparkleen, and have just received the negative email from Robert Simpson. Midwest Sparkleen has been servicing PolicyPlan for five years and has always prided itself on high quality. As Jason Allread, you will write a persuasive response to Robert Simpson at PolicyPlan trying to save the contract. Be sure to mention the previous conversation with Simpson. Scenario 2 Midwest Sparkleen provides interior and exterior cleaning for 25 companies in the metro area. Customer reviews have always been exemplary, but in the past year, significant costs and change in management have created issues with service levels. You have been the owner of Midwest since its inception and have close working relationships with all your customers, so you hope to maintain your contracts, especially with a customer as large as PolicyPlan. However, that means making some difficult decisions on management processes and supply costs as part of your “Keep It Clean” initiative with existing customers. You are eager to share this plan with Robert Simpson and other clients. Submission Instructions Your assignment, including both letters, should be submitted as a single Word document (.doc, .docx or .rtf) file and adhere to the following guidelines: Your submission should be 2-3 pages in length. It should be double-spaced, in an appropriate font, with a font size between 10 and 12 point. Follow the letter formatting guidelines in Appendix A of your textbook. The margins should not exceed 1″ on all sides.

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