Climate Change and United States responsibility

The objective of this paper is to pick a “scholarly conversation,” develop a position or argument of your own, then forward that argument by responding to the conversation that you are building upon. This paper must be 1800-2000 words long (use standard MLA style) Your argument should be clearly presented in the introduction in the form of a thesis statement, which normally comes after you establish the context and/or establish the significance of the topic. Body paragraphs should demonstrate effective integration of external sources (summary of the overall text, paraphrase of key points, and useful quotes) within the framework of your larger argument and also within the supporting “sub-argument” that you make in those paragraphs. You should explore multiple issues and perspectives on the topic, while you build your own argument or perspective—whether you support, complicate, or critique issues and perspectives that you draw on. You should provide clear and logical connections between parts of your paper and the key argument/thesis of your paper as well as answering the “so what?” question for your reader at the end of the whole essay and also parts of it.

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