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we need to complete the requirement in the attachment Please follow the Rubrics Carefully Important Notes: 1- The Hook should be question or quotation 2- Thesis Statement should mention the 3 body points 3- Thesis Statement should be the last sentence in the Introduction paragraph 4-Re-state the thesis statement in the first sentence in the Conclusion paragraph 5- Make sure to write the following transitions: A) for the (simple) reason that. B) Because ( of the fact), C) as, D) owning to ( the fact) E) Due to ( the fact that ) F) in That G) since, 6- The selected Topic is (( Causes of the accidents on the Roads)) this will consume about 500 to 550 Words then will will do the following BONUS question: 2- BONUS: create an outline of your essay as done in the BBB session and that will consume the remaining 200 words

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