Case Pingduoduo

Case Pingduoduo: 300+ Million Shoppers Teaming for Good Deals
1) What are the key trends driving China’s retail market, and the role of digital technologies in the future development of retailing industry?
2) What are the opportunities and challenges for e-commerce startups in China?
3) Given the power of the leading Internet giant retailers, Alibaba and JD, how did PDD succeed in China’s e-commerce market?
4) What strategic options would you recommend PDD to sustain its growth? How should PDD implement it successfully?

(the strategic options can use eg: Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model, VIRO Model or other )

1. The case write-up should be no more than 6 typed (single-spaced, font-size 11 or 12) pages
excluding exhibits and appendices.
2. Please address the case questions directly.
3. Point-form is preferred. No folder, please.

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