Can you explain its origins and which are the most important aspects of this process?

Essay prompt:

What is the Information Revolution and how has it evolved in the last decades regarding its foundational features and its relationship with technology, culture, the economy or news media? Can you explain its origins and which are the most important aspects of this process? What are the two basic perspectives about this process and which one would you support? How would you relate the so-called neoliberal turn with the Information Revolution and its associated dynamics in all these years? Use a comparative perspective and examples to illustrate your arguments and analysis. Word limit (1200-1500) Source: Use 3 sources( reading) I attached, no limit for using other sources. Please read the class ppt as well, which helps you understand the topic

notes: you need to read Castells, McChesney,and Monbiot (about neoliberalism), if you want your essay to fully respond those questions I introduced in the prompt. The Information Revolution is a complex process in which technology, the state, cultural change or economic transformation play a role; it is a multidimensional process, not a simple process caused by technology.

Hi, please read the prompt very carefully. The essay must include concepts from the three readings I attached. You shouldn’t simply quote one sentence, you need find important concepts from the reading and analyze them and relate them to the information revolution. Please make sure you include the neoliberalism ( not liberalism)

The ppt will help you understand the information revolution, and you must use all of these three readings to analyze it.

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