Assignment on Financial Analyze

Accounting for Managers (ACFI5020)
Assignment 2020/2021
Distil, Plc.
Deadline is 12 noon on 18th December by Turnitin.
Word count = Maximum 2000 words

Despite the negative impacts on the economy of COVID-19, investors in Distil, Plc have enjoyed experiencing an increase in the company’s share price over the last year. However, at a recent meeting, shareholders insisted that the company could do even better in terms of its performance. Shareholders demanded that the Board of Directors appoint a recent, high quality Financial Analyst to assess the performance of the company and make management recommendations.
With the agreement of the Board, the Chairmen of Distil Plc, Don Goulding has appointed you – a Financial Analysts – to the task of appraising the company and providing recommendations on how the performance can be enhanced.

Your task has been split into 5 mini-tasks as follows:

Task One
As a Financial Analyst and using the Annual Report and Accounts of Distil Plc for the period 2018, 2019 and 2020, you are required to evaluate the performance of the company across all categories of ratios. The report and annual accounts for these years are available at the following link:
You are required to evaluate the performance of the company across all categories of ratios.
You should summarise your findings and make particular reference to the interests of the different stakeholders of the company.
Note: Any accounting ratios must be calculated (and workings shown) and not extracted from external databases.
Task Two
As a Financial Analyst and considering your response to Task One above, you are required to provide advice on what you think should be done in order to improve the performance of the ratio.

Task Three
Now consider yourself as a shareholder in the company. Your third task is to analyse the four sections of the Chairman’s Statement – Performance, Key Brands, Productivity & Cost Management and Outlook. Go to the Annual Report, read what the Chairmen has said regarding each of these areas and for each of these categories, consider one question that you would like to ask the Chairman. Your question should be focused, relevant to helping you make an informed decision about investing in the company and should be worded coherently. Ask yourself, what would you like to know before investing ?
Task Four
Now consider yourself as a Financial Analyst analysing the Strategic Report – Principle Risks and Uncertainties – these can be found on page 9 and 10 of the Annual Report. There are seven principle uncertainties listed. These are : Economic Downturn, Fixed Overheads, Consumer Tastes, Portfolio Management, EU Withdrawal, Competition and Covid-19.
For each of these Risks and Uncertainties, you are required to state which category of ratios you think would be most impacted if these risks and uncertainties actually materialised? – Profitability, Liquidity, Investor etc… and why?
Task Five
Now consider page 12 of the Strategic Report and state which category of ratio you think would be most important to the stakeholder listed and why?
(Total 100%)
Further Information:
Learning Outcomes specifically assessed:
Subject Specific Knowledge and Skills
1. Identify and critically appraise the different components of a financial report, and assess the adequacy of current international financial reporting requirements for a greater understanding of company performance
2. Analyse and interpret financial data and information, evaluate their relevance and validity, and synthesise a range of information in the context of business situations
3. Demonstrate the ability to use conventional management accounting and financial management techniques to produce appropriate information for management to aid planning, control and decision making
4. Evaluate the usefulness of contemporary management accounting techniques in measuring business performance
5. Critically appraise management accounting techniques with respect to their effectiveness and identify any weaknesses inherent in their use

Non Subject Specific and Cognitive Skills
1. Manage own learning, using the available range of resources, and ability to conduct research into business and management issues
2. Ability to collect relevant information relating to a given situation, analyse that information and synthesise it into an appropriate form in order to evaluate decision alternatives
3. Demonstrate a practical and integrative approach to a problem area or issue
4. Demonstrate rigour of academic arguments as well as the application of theory
Assignments will be graded according to the general postgraduate assessment criteria and you should also bear the following in mind:
• Evidence of critical judgement in selecting, ordering and analysing content in order to present a sound argument
• The demonstration and understanding of relevant concepts and models
• The demonstration of insight and originality in responding to the assignment
• The provision of well-referenced evidence

Students are required to achieve an average of 50% in order to pass this module. You must achieve at least 40% in both this assignment and in the Business Simulation work.
All of the usual University regulations will apply with regard to the late submission of work and plagiarism.
Submission date: As per handbook.

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