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LA RAZA DOCUMENTARY : (Links to an external site.)

COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW: (Links to an external site.)

KCET PRINT ARTICLE: (Links to an external site.)


La Raza changed the course of history with their compelling, on-the-ground images that they published. For your assignment, please pick a topic that you are interested in – any topic whatsoever that has received media / news attention – and find an image that best represents this topic to you. The image should exemplify how you feel about this topic. You will then write about:

1. Why is the image powerful?

2. How does it exemplify your concerns on the topic?

3. What compositional techniques / terms (from the One Image assignment) are utilized in the picture?

Assuming the image is credited (and it should be if you are getting it from a reputable news source) you should include the name of the photographer. You need to also include the image in your submission. Note: if Latinx issues are of concern to you, you may use an image from La Raza if you wish. This should be answered in 3 short paragraphs.

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