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Please use at least 5 scholarly sources, which means must be academic/peer-reviewed reliable sources. This is an argumentative research paper, you should have thesis and arguments rather than summarize the articles. Please do cite and quote, this is what the professor is looking for. Here is the detailed instruction: Write an argumentative research essay, 1750-2000 words in length, focused on a topic of your choosing. The topic you select must be something about which you can find relevant scholarly research, and its focus must be narrow enough to fit within the required length of the paper. If you have any doubts about the quality of the topic you have selected, speak with the leader of your discussion group at the earliest opportunity (in person or via email). Possible topics include (but are by no means limited to) examining an energy issue within Canada, the treatment of mental health within a prison system, the contemporary use of the term “terrorism,” the gendering of children’s toys, and so on. One of the core requirements of this essay is the inclusion of at least three (3) scholarly secondary sources (defined in class). If you are unsure if your sources are scholarly, contact your discussion group leader to check. You may additionally use other, non-scholarly sources, but be very careful not to choose ones of poor quality. You are responsible for evaluating the quality of all of your research. To be successful, your essay must have an argumentative thesis, and it must engage your research in service to that argument. You will be required to handle your sources responsibly, which means both accurately citing them and taking care not to misrepresent them. Be careful not to allow the voices and ideas of the authors of your research sources to overtake your own voice and the point that you are making (i.e., do not fail to explain the relevance of and analyze the things you cite). Once again, your essay will be marked based on the following criteria: the quality of your thesis, the organization of your essay, the relevance of your evidence, the coherency and detail of your analysis, the technical quality of your writing. In addition, you will be evaluated on the quality and use of your research. You must quote, cite, and provide references following MLA or APA guidelines. Your essay must be submitted in Brightspace as a Word or PDF document with the following formatting, adhering to MLA or APA style guidelines: – Font: Times New Roman – Font Size: 12 pt. – Margins: 1 inch – Spacing: Double

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