Argumentative research Essay


Directions 1. Refine the thesis statement. Make sure it has a clear key argument and at least three focused main ideas that prove the argument. It is possible that you will include more main ideas in your final essay. 2. Develop an introduction. NOTE: You must include a complete introduction in your outline. 3. Create a topic sentence outline to support your thesis. Be sure your outline has clear topic sentences for each body paragraph. 1. Divide the main ideas into clear subpoints and develop these using the P.E.E.L formula (point, evidence, explanation, link) or SEX formula of statement, evidence and explanation/analysis 2. Remember the subpoints, the evidence, and the analysis you provide MUST support the main topic sentences. 3. Also, remember to provide brief summaries–both for the evidence, and especially, for the analysis. In other words, explain briefly how you will show that the evidence proves the point and the key argument. 4. Develop a topic sentence for the counterargument, and using the SEX formula, provide evidence and analysis 5. Also include a summary of your rebuttal for this counterargument. 4. Include evidence from at least FIVE sources to support the argument and ONE source as the counterargument. (You may use more sources if you like.) NOTE: You must use the sources from the annotated bibliography you developed in the earlier assignment. 5. Finally, create a Works Cited page based on the sources you researched and annotated. These are the sources you will include in your essay. Your Works Cited must have the SIX required sources. (Note: if you use more sources remember to include them in the Works Cited) o NOTE: Do NOT include the annotations in the Works Cited. List ONLY the citations. 6. Your essay must include accurate in-text citations and a Works Cited. You must use MLA documentation properly so that you do not plagiarize. You can view this (Links to an external site.) guide (Links to an external site.) from the NOVA library from ( (Links to an external site.)) for a reminder of how to properly cite your sources. For the citations, check punctuation marks, italics, and spacing in the MLA format. Each error will impact your grade. 7. Submit your topic sentence, outline and corresponding Works Cited to this Discussion Board forum. Be sure to write the title of your topic in the subject line: Free Community College Outline or Mandatory Voting. 8. View this sample outline format. I expect your outline to look like this sample. NOTE: Please copy and paste your work into the Discussion Board. (You are not permitted to attach documents in Discussions in Canvas.) NOTE: You can also mold the outline template worksheet you developed in the Cause and Effect unit to fit the requirements of this assignment and develop your outline using that.

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