Arab by James Joyce


An annotated bibliography is a bibliography of sources on a particular subject that includes an annotation (a short summary and response) for each source. It is used by researchers to gather information on their topics. A good annotation might look like this one (I was not able to format this correctly, so there should be a 1/2″ indentation in the second and third lines of the citation): Choose the most interesting story or poem you’ve read this semester. Then, use appropriate resources to locate literary criticism about that work. Compose an annotated bibliography of five relevant sources using MLA format. These sources must be acceptable academic sources. Restrict your sources to information you can find in appropriate channels: GALILEO, GIL, etc. The best databases for you to use within GALILEO include Literature Online (LION) and Literary Reference Center Plus, as well as other, more general databases. Please see the information on Using the GSU Libraries (General Information) opens in new window. Do not forget to check GIL (GSU’s library catalog). PC has a lot of great books at its various campuses, and many of them are also available in electronic format. For all of the sources, you will provide a four- to five-sentence summary (annotation) of the work as described in the file on annotated bibliographies. Then, you must provide a short response to the source, indicating what you think about the source and how you might use it in your paper. In summary, each of your bibliographic entries should include: 1. an MLA-correct citation 2. a summary/annotation 3. a short response. Other requirements: 1. A heading for the document (including your name, my name, the date, and the assignment title) 2. A title 3. 12 pt., Times New Roman font 4. 1″ margins on all sides

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