Analyzing a communication Phenomenon by applying theories of communication and concepts “learned from class”

I am expected to write 5-10 pages about a communication phenomenon by applies theories and concepts learned from class. If you have heard of REVEL, it should give you a better understanding of topics used in my class. Below is the description from my professor…


You will analyze a communication phenomenon by applying theories of communication and concepts we have learned in class up to this point. The paper should represent clear identification of class concepts, examples to clarify the concepts, and application of the concepts to real-world phenomena. You will need to use important and pivotal books and articles that are available through the KSU library. Having an initial sense of what your paper will be about will help you find appropriate materials to read and think about. In the course of thinking about and writing your paper, here are some things that might be good to include:

the general context of the theory—write about the significance of studying this aspect of communication
explication of the key elements of the theory
discussion of the place of the theorist in the scheme of things
exposition of criteria to be used in analyzing the theory
critical evaluation of your theory using this criteria
discussion of ways in which this theory can be helpful in addressing problems or meeting practical needs in the real world

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