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Crisis Intervention

A crisis can strike anytime, anywhere.  Advanced planning is the key to survival.  The Seven (7) critical steps to crisis management that everyone should have in place regardless of its size is:

  1. Have a plan: Every plan begins with clear objectives.  The objectives during any crisis are to protect any individual (employee or public) who may be endangered by the crisis, ensure the key audiences are kept informed, and the organization survives.  This written plan should include specific actions that will taken in the event of a crisis.
  2. Identify a spokesperson–If the crisis could potentially impact the health or well-being of customers, the general public or employees, it may attract media attention. To ensure your company speaks with one voice and delivers a clear consistent message, a spokesperson must be identified as well as prepared to answer media questions and participate in interviews.
  3. Be honest and open–Nothing generates more negative media coverage than a lack of honesty and transparency. Therefore, being as open and transparent as possible can help stop rumors and defuse a potential media frenzy. This transparency must be projected through all communications channels: news interviews, social media, internal announcements, etc.
  4. Keep employees informed–Maintaining an informed workforce helps ensure that business continues to flow as smoothly as possible. It also minimizes the internal rumor mill that may lead to employees posting false reports on social media.
  5. Communicate with customers and suppliers–You do not want customers and suppliers to learn about your crisis through the media. Information on any crisis pertaining to your organization should come from you first. Part of the crisis communications plan must include customers and suppliers and how they will be regularly updated during the event.
  6. Update early and often–It is better to over-communicate than to allow rumors to fill the void. Issue summary statements, updated action plans and new developments as early and as often as possible. Remember that with today’s social media and cable news outlets, we live in a time of the 24/7 news cycle. Your crisis plan must do the same.
  7. Don’t forget social media–The Ebola crisis and other major news events have all confirmed that social media is one of the most important channels of communications. Be sure to establish a social media team to monitor, post and react to social media activity throughout the crisis.

A crisis that is not managed well can wipe out decades of hard work and company value in a matter of hours. A well-managed crisis confirms that your company has the processes and procedures in place to address almost any issue that may develop.

Another critical component of crisis management planning is the establishment of a succession plan. You should clearly outline the necessary steps to follow if you suddenly become unable to perform your duties. This plan may include selling the company, or transferring ownership to family members or key employees. What is most important is that you create the crisis management plan when everything is running smoothly and everyone involved can think clearly. By planning in advance, all parties will have time to seriously think about the ideal ways to manage different types of crises.

You are to select one of the four options posted.  Identify the critical incident and then address each of the seven (7) steps and explain how you would handle the situation.  This can be in a “bullet” format and be sure that you check your grammar and spelling.  You will be graded (10) points per step and (30) points for overall format, grammar, spelling and identifying the critical incident.  Your work should be uploaded on a word document.

Option 1.

A friend (John) has just lost his job with Fed Ex after working for them for 20 years. John had given his life to the company and had planned to retire with them.  He is deeply depressed.  In addition, his world as he knows it has ended. John has no hobbies or other activities—work is everything. He is thinking of killing himself but does not have a definite plan. He hopes there is some alternative but cannot see it. One alternative may be killing his boss. She deserves it. Rode to her position on his back and now gives wants to fire him. Now there is a thought! John has been going to this outplacement counselor and make some mention of these ideas.

Option 2

John has just found out that he is HIV+.  He cannot believe it. He only had sex with his spouse and have not had any other contact with the virus.  He is shocked, angry, and in denial. He is not thinking of suicide.  He is thinking about killing his spouse although he has no definite plan.  He has kicked her out but now you think you would like to hunt her down. The only thing keeping John from doing it is his four-year-old daughter. John told his sister and she asked him to see a counselor which you have grudgingly done.

Option 3

John has been depressed for over ten years.  He has been to counselors, psychiatrists,

chiropractors, and even acupuncturists. Nothing has worked and he is at the end of his rope. The pain is unbearable and the depression seems to deepen every day. He told his minister he was planning to kill himself and she told you that the counselors at the center are good with that sort of thing. John wants some answers and is demanding of relief. If he does not get it, he is going to go outside, sit down in your car, pull out a .38 revolver and blow out his brains.  He said, I mean it!

Option 4

Bad things happen to good people! John, Jane and son were in an auto accident.  John is paralyzed and in a coma and will probably die. Their son is dead.  Jane was driving the car and received hardly a scratch. It is now three months after the accident. Jane feels guilty, although the accident was not her fault. She also feel guilty that she did not get hurt. Jane thinks that perhaps swallowing all the sleeping pills and tranquilizers the doctor gave her might be a way out of this horrible nightmare. Jane does feel guilty about leaving her husband before he dies.

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