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Case #2: Discussion Questions

Directions: Please keep the questions included within your document/response and answer below each question.
1. Evaluate the three teams BrandNEW had consulted for previously (i.e., Vegas, Winnipeg, and Carolina) and discuss the elements from each of the teams that you believe helped build the team’s brand identity, by way of building brand awareness in their respective markets.
2. Discuss the challenges that Vegas, Winnipeg, and Carolina may have faced in developing their brand identities in their respective cities.
3. Given your findings from questions 1 and 2, and any relevant class discussions, use the following prompts to outline a brand equity strategy for the new Seattle NHL franchise.
a. Discuss the pros and cons for at least three possible names for the expansion team.
b. Select one of the above names and provide a brief rationale for why this name would be appropriate.
c. What color scheme would you go with and why?
d. What would the logo be for the team and why?
e. What mascot would you select to represent the team and why? f. How would you ensure the team was socially integrated into the city?
4. Find and reference at least one article in Sports Business Journal which may be a useful research source in proving all of your above recommendations.


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