Type of modulation is used for each carrier

1. What are the general characteristics of FDM?

2. Explain how a range of frequencies can be used to increase data rate.

3. An FDM system may assign each channel a range of frequencies. Using a range is essential when which type of modulation is used for each carrier?

4. What is the key mechanism used to combine or separate wavelengths of light in a WDM system?

1. In a hierarchical FDM system, explain how a high-capacity channel is divided into subchannels.

2. Explain why framing and synchronization are important in a TDM system.

3. Is a TDM system required to use round-robin service?

4. In a hierarchical TDM system, at what bit rate does the output of a given level need to operate? (Express the answer in terms of the number and bit rate of inputs.)

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