Data processing

Finalization of critical financial transactions should require the authorization of to deter fraud. What term is used to describe the condition where users change roles within an organization but retain the access rights of their previous positions? a. Access flow b. Privilege creep c. Unacceptable use d. Permission refresh What type of fire extinguisher should be used on fires involving flammable liquid sources? a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C d. Class D

Which one of the following is not a key component of a thorough personnel security program? a. Background investigations b. Fire protection c. Exit procedures d. Monitoring What type of fire extinguisher is specifically designed for use on fires with an electrical origin? a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C d. Class D 3

What chemical was commonly used for data processing facility fire suppression but is no longer as common due to environmental concerns? a. Halon b. Water c. Carbon dioxide d. FM-200

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