Computer security control measures

Problem 2 (10 pts)

Identify two computer security control measures on your computer(s). Which of the three properties Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability do they aim at providing? Problem 3 (15 pts) Find a recent (2019 or 2021) computer security incident that has been reported in the media, and analyze the incident. You analysis should cover the following aspects:

• What was the main vulnerability that was exploited?

• What security principles were violated?

• What could have been done to prevent the incident.Problem 7 (15 pts) Read the following paper and then answer the following questions: Ross Anderson: Why Cryptosystems Fail. (Available from the resources page.)

• What are the two major reasons of the failures of cryptosystems in the paper? Give an example of each one of them (from the paper).

• What are the four lessons learnt by banking equipment vendors?

What were the three main actions suggested to tackle those banking problems.

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