Are the Business Game firms able to pursue a similar pricing? Explain

Answer following research questions in an integrative style as a scientific paper:

1. In which areas are the International Business Game companies able to invest money actively? Explain the effects of these investments on the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. Which consequences could arise from those effects for financings?

Explain problems and threats related with a wrong financing approach.

2. Which opportunities to carry out R&D are given in the International Business Game? Explain advantages and disadvantages of the particular option

Which R&D strategy is Apple pursuing and what is the strategic idea of that approach? Explain furthermore whether Apple’s concept could be an option for the Business Game firms and how to obtain a similar position. Would this position be sustainable for the Business Game firms?

3. Describe Apple’s price policy (particularly under Cook’s leadership) compared with competitor’s price policy

What is necessary to make this policy successful? Are the Business Game firms able to pursue a similar pricing?  Explain

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