Why has this brand been powerful? What mediums has it used to gain this power?


Think about a brand that having a relationship with

Think about a brand that you have a relationship with. In a 3-5 page double spaced 12 font paper with 1 inch margins. Give a brief summary of the brand and its history (no longer than a paragraph) then answer the following questions in essay format.

1) Are you the target market of this brand? Explain who the target market is and why this would be the best market for the brand.

2) Talk about the relationship you have with the brand. Do you think that a strongly committed relationship is a good thing for a brand? Why or why not?

3) Has this brand gone through any type of transformation? Has it had to reinvent itself for a different generation or different retail experience (ex. Online vs. instore?)

4) What hurdles does this brand face from a societal perspective? (changing tastes, laws, preferences?)

5) Discuss the brands strategy, brand identity, and brand positioning.

6) Why has this brand been powerful? What mediums has it used to gain this power?

7) Is this brand valuable to its company? What role does it play in the company’s portfolio of brands? If the company only has one brand discuss brand extensions and whether or not they have been or could be successful.

Grading Rubric

The grade on this paper will be evaluated considering the following measures:

How well does the paper incorporate class concepts and class discussions? 25%

How sound is the logic or argument? How strong is the analysis of the questions? 10%

Is the paper written in proper format, with clear language strong grammar and proper sourcing? 15%

Discussion on branding, brand identity and brand positioning 15%

Discussion on brand value to its company and understanding of brand role. 15%

Understanding of brand target, brand relationship and brand hurdles. 20%

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