Describe each phase of the business analytics process.

Managing Information Technology


  1. Identify the three major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources and provide an example of each one.
  2. What is TCP/IP? Explain its layers and how they are used.
  3. Discuss the ethical and legal issues related to electronic commerce and provide examples.
  4. Apply cloud computing to a known organization and identify the key benefits of it.
  5. Describe each phase of the business analytics process.
  6. Apply the six common types of electronic commerce to an organization.
  7. Discuss the four business decisions that companies must make when they acquire new applications.


-Essay format (APA)

-6-7 pages, double spacing

-Font: Times New Roman

-At least 6 peer reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page)

-In text citations for each peer-reviewed source

-No plagiarism

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