Explain how he revolutionize the hotel industry?

Recognizing industry leaders since 1996, the Hospitality Industry Hall of Honor is an exceptional educational resource for students pursuing careers in hospitality management, for people working in the profession and for individuals interested in one of the world’s leading industries.

The more than 60 men and women who’ve been inducted into the Hall of Honor— names like J.W. Marriott, Conrad N. Hilton, Ray Kroc, Ernest and Julio Gallo, Walt Disney and Vernon Stouffer— represent the world’s most successful hospitality companies and most recognizable brands.

Since 2016, Hilton College hosted a formal reception, induction ceremony and dinner for a new class of inductees. Those events, along with a series of industry-related “Think Tanks,” were planned and executed by a team of student managers for the last then years.

The Hall of Honor Gallery, located off the main lobby of the Hilton University of Houston, features specially commissioned portraits of each inductee by artist Robert Lapsley. Personal papers, memorabilia and corporate histories are archived and displayed in the Massad Family Library Research Center and Hospitality Industry Archives at Hilton College to memorialize the inductees’ achievements and leadership — providing a lasting tribute to the companies they conceived and built during their lifetimes.

Part I:  Hilton College Industry Hospitality Hall of Honor industry icon search.  Using the link below answer the following questions about industry icons related to the lodging industry.  This link will take you directly to the list of inductee portraits.  From there you can click on the name under the portrait and it will take you to that person’s bio.


1. Name the hotel company that Kemmons Wilson opened in 1952 and explain how he revolutionize the hotel industry?

2. Name the data base that Randy & Carolyn Smith created.  How does this data base assist hotels?  Do hotels still use this report today?

3. Name ONE other industry icon from the list that made an impact on the lodging industry.  Name the person, the year they were inducted, the company they worked for and describe in 1-2 complete sentences why you think they were an influence on the lodging industry.

Part II: Answer the following questions about the Hospitality Industry Archives and Hilton Legacy Exhibit using the links below.

1. Where is the Hospitality Industry Archives located?  Name 3 items you can find in the archives.


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