What is the author saying about the American Dream?

Read the poem:


Write a 200 word analysis that addresses some of the following questions:

What is the author saying about the American Dream?
What type of Americans are being described in the poem?
Whose voices are expressed in this poem? [people who are oppressed)
Why does the author state, America was never America to me?
How does America fail some if any of its people?
What sense of or type of feeling  (mood) is expressed in the poem or particular stanzas?
What perspective does the poem mostly focus on in terms of equality? (Targeted Audience)
Who is left out of the poem in terms of marginalized or oppressed groups? (Who did the author not mention?)
What does the author want from America? [to live up to its potential and not have oppression]
What would America look like if everyone was equal and could achieve their dreams?
How is this poem associated with the Fourteenth amendment?
How is this poem similar to I am an American Day.

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