Identify how this figure is viewed on the national and/or world stage.

American History – Influential People

From the paper provided.
The PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 11 slides and should address the concepts listed below.

– Introduce how your figure impacted a civil rights movement (including, but not limited to, creed, race, age, status, or gender). Note: His or her impact may not necessarily be a positive one.
– Identify how this figure is viewed on the national and/or world stage.
– Discuss how this figure may have influenced challenges and/or opportunities for the United States as a global power (i.e., their international impact).
– Provide a perspective on if this figures impact would have been seen as progressive.
– The organization of the presentation should be based on the previous Outline. Make sure that you utilize any feedback given on your outline.
– Ideas should be grouped together and transition smoothly.
– Make use of the notes section in each slide in order to communicate your thoughts and ideas.
– Include a title slide (one slide), content slides (eight slides), and a reference slide (one slide).

Quality of Presentation
Creativity and effort are highly encouraged. PowerPoint provides several options for developing an exciting presentation, including options for both audio and video components; however, customizing the method of delivery for the presentation is up to you.
Use images, graphics, smart art, and backgrounds that enhance your presentation and make it look professional, clean, and visually attractive.

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