Do for-profit prisons out-perform government-run facilities on any metric?

You will review the provided chapter from the CQ Issues for Debate text. You must submit a 600 minimum word response memo for this case. The purpose of this memo is to meaningfully engage with the material from he chapter and this through the structural, institutional and economic factors that gave rise tot he use of for-profit prisoning as a policy response. Please address the following in the memo using specific and relevant examples from the text:

1) what was the impetus behind utilizing for-profit prisons? what policy changes led to their ubiquity?
2) do for-profit prisons out-perform government-run facilities on any metric? If so, how do they accomplish this? if not, why not?
3) are there human rights/justice issues with for-profit prisons? if so, what are they? why do they nonetheless persist?
4) in your opinions, are for-profit prisons effective? Are they ethically acceptable? Why or why not?

Submission will be evaluated on a simple 1-5 scale where 5 means that the submission thoughtfully engages with the underlying issue and backs up its arguments with clear logic and examples, a 3 means the submission is sufficient but is heavy on personal opinion and summary with little synthesis or specific examples and a 1 means that the submission has either not thoughtfully engaged with the main questions of the topic or fails to achieve the minimum requirements for the assignment.

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