Argument for or against listing chimpanzees as non-human persons

or this paper, I want you to take sides! Choose a position in this paper, and support it with evidence for your argument. This one isn’t an easy one… it’s rather complicated.



In your paper, you will argue either for granting great apes “personhood status”, or for no change in the system.

There is no right or wrong answer to this debate-so do not worry about your choice. Worry about your evidence! Support all of your arguments fully! Counter-arguments you think might be coming up! But most of all, what I want to see in this paper is that you are INFORMED about the topics!

Your paper, with your argument, should be typed, 12 point font, double spaced The length should be 4 pages, with at least 4 major points of evidence in your argument. You must also discuss at least 3 major cultural or culture-like behaviors of the chimps in your argument-this is for both sides. I want you to highlight what they are capable of, but after that, you are free to state that this is culture-like, but not enough to grant personhood, or that it is. Please use the websites that I have sent you to in this module, as they are very clear and acceptable formats-they are valid. Max Planck is the place for this, so is the University of Kyoto-or Ohio State Universit-oh wait, The Ohio State University, all three have very clear guidelines for chimp research, as well as incredible publications and data set

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